Rattler Racing is excited to be hosting the Colorado State Mountain Bike Championship for 2021. We feel the course in Bailey is perfect for an event like this. The course delivers everything you would expect from a XC mountain bike race. It’s a 4.5 mile world cup style course packed with solid climbing, twisty turns, short technical sections, and fun descents. Racers will do multiple laps depending on their discipline. The course is set in a beautiful setting and perfect for those that are there to spectate. Tons of opportunites to see your favorite racers multiple times on each lap! The state championship will be a USAC sanctioned event. All racers are required to have a USAC license to race.
The Rattler Racing mission is simple
Create fun, challenging and memorable cycling races that we would want to do ourselves. All Rattler Racing staff are either racers or former racers who have a passion to provide a great experience and support our community. We put great effort into all the details of hosting a race. After all, we’ve been there, and we will work tirelessly to make our events something you will want to come back to. Let’s ride!
Our Next Event
Colorado Mountain Bike Championship
August 21, 2021
​Junior Cycling Project is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to create opportunities for kids to participate in mountain bike events, work to expand scholarship programs for young athletes, and work with other non-profits to get bikes in the hands of kids. Quite simply, get kids on bikes!! Proceeds and donations will go directly to our scholarship program for kids entering the Colorado State Mountain Bike Championship and students at Platte Canyon Schools.
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