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Rattler Racing is excited to be hosting the Colorado MTB Championship again in 2024. Returning the State Championships to the most fitting of places, beautiful Copper Mountain, right in the heart of the Rockies. On Saturday, we will again host Colorado’s Short Track MTB State Championship. The course will be super exciting with great spectating right in the Copper Mountain Village. On Sunday, the action packed XCO course is perfect for an event like this. The course will deliver everything you would expect in Summit County. The course this year will vary a little but expect a 5-7 mile loop packed with solid climbing, twisty turns, short technical sections, and fun descents. If you like to mountain bike race, you probably need to do this one.

Racers will do multiple laps depending on their discipline. The course is set in a beautiful setting and a perfect backdrop for spectating and just enjoying the cool weather in the middle of summer. The Colorado State MTB Championship will be a USAC sanctioned event. All racers are required to have a USAC license to race. Details below.


If you are a student or a parent/guardian of a youth rider and thinking about racing one of our events, WE WANT YOU THERE!  We don’t want you worrying about the cost of registration, so we developed our scholarship program to give athletes of all ages and abilities an opportunity to race. Please consider applying for one of our scholarships. Click logo above to get started.

USA Cycling Info

The Colorado State MTB Championship is a USA Cycling sanctioned event and a license is required. Have no fear though, if you don’t have a license, you can purchase a one-day license. Since you’ll be doing multiple Rattler events, an annual may be worth it. A USA Cycling license is good for 365 days from date of purchase.

A juniors annual license is $40 in 2024. An adult license is $110. If you decide to purchase an annual license, use code RATTLER24 when you check out and you will get a $10 discount!


All racers are eligible to race in the Colorado State Championship. The podium will be reserved for Colorado residents, but we will acknowledge results from out of state participants. A non-Colorado resident that wins the category will have a first place award and separate podium. A separate podium ceremony will be for Colorado residents.

Equipment: All bikes are legal for the race, with the exception of E-bikes. We can’t overstate the importance of your bike running in top condition on the day of the race. Like you, it will be challenged. And, it’s your friend. Help a friend out.

Course 411: The course will be marked at all critical intersections. Course marshals will be out as well. It is the rider’s responsibility to know the course. Weather can always be a factor in Colorado. Plan accordingly!

Spectating: There are many ways to get around the venue, and it’s a perfect course to watch you favorite riders. Stationed properly, you have the ability to watch racers pass multiple times in one lap.

Timing: This will be a lap timed event.  All racers with the exception of the Elite Mini category will have a number plate with timing chip. Results will be posted online as soon as possible.

State Champion Awards for XCO:

    • Pro/Open Men and Women
    • Single Speed Men and Women
    • Cat 1 -> 15-16, 17-18,19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80+ Men
    • Cat 1 -> 15-16, 17-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+ Women
    • Age 9/10 Boys and Girls
    • Age 11/12 Boys and Girls
    • Age 13/14 Boys and Girls

State Champion Awards for STXC:

    • Pro/Open
    • Juniors 14 and Under
    • 15-16
    • 17-18
    • 19-39
    • 40+

Team Tents: Please email us to reserve a spot for your team. [email protected]

Feed Zone: The area approaching the finish line will be designated as the official feed and mechanical zone.

Pre Riding: Pre-riding the course is allowed on race day for only 1 lap after the start of a given wave. Riders must not interfere with racers and clear the course when a racer approaches. If warming up behind a racer, please stay a minimum of 100 feet back. It’s just the cool thing to do.

Registration and Packet Pickup: The Colorado State Championship registration is online. Race day sign up is available but we highly recommend you do it prior to the event. Register for the STXC and get a $15 discount into Sunday’s XC!

AGES 8 and under will do the Elite Mini Race. This category does not need to register on line. Just show up and race! Ages 7 and 8 do have the option to race up to 9/10 at the pricing for that category.

Packet Pickup is at the Sawmill Restaurant right  in Center Village. We will be there at 6:00PM Friday and 7:00AM Saturday and Sunday morning.

Race Distance:

  • Red XCO Course 7+ Miles
  • Blue XCO Course 5+ Miles
  • White XCO Course 2 Miles

Refund Policy: Rattler Racing does not offer refunds. We completely understand that unfortunate circumstances happen, but we plan this event way in advance from a cost and resource allocation perspective, and the financial and administrative burden is high. On the plus side, we do offer transfers and deferrals. If you would like to transfer your entry to another rider, no problem. Just drop us a line and we can get it taken care of for you at no charge. The same goes for deferrals. We realize schedules change, life events happen, and injuries can surprise us. We will happily defer your entry fee to next year or another Rattler Racing event. Again, no charge, but you must let us know prior to race day.


The Colorado State MTB Championship is right in the heart of Summit County. We are working with Copper Mountain for you to take advantage of lodging options on the mountain. SEE HERE. Then give them a call and use reservation ID 5932, or mention “Colorado MTB Championships 2024”. This must be done by calling in only. 866-841-2549


Copper Mountain will not be offering camping opportunities on their property for 2024. The lot on the east side of Highway 91 may be available but there are no facilities.


Areas in yellow are great places to park. Parking is free at Copper Mountain in the summer. Overflow will be in the Alpine Lot on the west end of the village.

SATURDAY, JULY 6 XCC Short Track Schedule

**Low attendance categories may be combined. If this happens, the later time will be used depending on the category. We will be looking into hosting a Juniors 14 and under B category. This will not be a championship event.

Category Start Length Course
Juniors Men 14 and under 8:30am 12 Mins XCC
Junior Women 14 and under 9:00am 12 Mins XCC
Men 15-16 9:30am 20 Mins XCC
Women 15-16 10:00am 20 Mins XCC
Men 17-18 10:30am 20 Mins XCC
Women 17-18 11:00am 20 Mins XCC
Men 19+ 12:00pm 20 Mins XCC
Women 19+ 12:30pm 20 Mins XCC
Men 40+ 1:00pm 20 Mins XCC
Women 40+ 1:30pm 20 Mins XCC
Pro/Open Men 2:00pm 20 Mins XCC
Pro/Open Women 2:30pm 20 Mins XCC


** Minor changes may be made to this schedule. General start times will be close. We may have to adjust based on course length and finishing times.
Category Start Course/Laps
11/12 Boys 8:20am 2 White
11/12 Girls 8:21am 2 White
9/10 Boys 8:23am 1 White
9/10 Girls 8:24am 1 White
13/14 Boys 8:28am 1 Blue
13/14 Girls 8:29am 1 Blue
CAT 2 17-18 Men 9:00am 2 Blue
CAT 2 15-16 Men 9:01am 2 Blue
CAT 2 19-29 Men 9:02am 2 Blue
CAT 2 30-39 Men 9:02am 2 Blue
CAT 2 40-49 Men 9:03am 2 Blue
CAT 2 50-59 Men 9:04am 2 Blue
CAT 2 60-69 Men 9:04am 2 Blue
Pro/Open Women 10:00am 2 Blue
Single Speed Women 10:00am 2 Blue
CAT 1 17-18 Women 10:01am 2 Blue
CAT 1 15-16 Women 10:02am 2 Blue
CAT 2 15-18 Women 10:02am 2 Blue
CAT 1 19-29 Women 10:03am 2 Blue
CAT 1 30-39 Women 10:03am 2 Blue
CAT 1 40-49 Women 10:04am 2 Blue
CAT 1 50-59 Women 10:04am 2 Blue
CAT 2 19-29 Women 10:06am 2 Blue
CAT 2 30-39 Women 10:08am 2 Blue
CAT 2 40-49 Women 10:08am 2 Blue
CAT 2 50-59 Women 10:08am 2 Blue
CAT 3 17-18 Men 10:20am 1 Blue
CAT 3 15-16 Men 10:20am 1 Blue
CAT 3 19-29 Men 10:21am 1 Blue
CAT 3 30-39 Men 10:21am 1 Blue
CAT 3 40-49 Men 10:21am 1 Blue
CAT 3 50-59 Men 10:22am 1 Blue
CAT 3 60-69 Men 10:22am 1 Blue
EPIC Men 70-79 (All Cats) 10:22am 1 Blue
LEGEND Men 80+ (All Cats) 10:22am 1 Blue
CAT 3 15-18 Women 10:25am 1 Blue
CAT 3 19-29 Women 10:25am 1 Blue
CAT 3 30-39 Women 10:25am 1 Blue
CAT 3 40-49 Women 10:26am 1 Blue
CAT 3 50-59 Women 10:26am 1 Blue
Women 60-69 (All Cats) 10:26am 1 Blue
EPIC Women 70-79 (All Cats) 10:26am 1 Blue
LEGEND Women 80+ (All Cats) 10:26am 1 Blue
CAT 1 17-18 Men 11:45am 1 Red 1 Blue
CAT 1 15-16 Men 11:47am 1 Red 1 Blue
MGXC Elite Mini 12:00pm Elite Mini
Pro/Open Men 1:10pm 2 Red
Single Speed Men 1:11pm 2 Red
CAT 1 19-29 Men 1:13pm 2 Red
CAT 1 30-39 Men 1:14pm 2 Red
CAT 1 40-49 Men 1:15pm 2 Red
CAT 1 50-59 Men 1:16pm 2 Red
CAT 1 60+ Men 1:16pm 2 Red
Red Course
Blue Course
White Course
Short Track
Course Map: Elite Mini Course


From Denver, go west on I-70 until you get to Copper Mountain.

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