Bear Creek Lake

Bear Creek Lake Park

Similar in size and activities to a state park, Bear Creek Lake Park is a 2,624-acre gem that provides opportunities to hike, picnic, camp, fish, boat, windsurf, mountain or road bike, hit the swim beach or head to the archery range.

Miles of trail winds through the park as well as designated horseback riding areas, both Homestead and Fox Hollow Golf Courses, and, of course, Bear Creek Reservoir—a popular oasis for locals on warm summer days. A large swim beach provides ample space for groups large and small, and the lake is open to swimming between Labor Day and Memorial Day. That said, nearby Big Soda Lake is more popular for swimmers.

Even though the park is extremely well-loved and used often, a remarkable array of wildlife calls it home. The ecology of the park is impressively varied as well—high prairie, wetland and riparian ecosystems are represented that host over 150 different species of birds including great blue herons, double-breasted cormorants, woodpeckers, magpies, and an array of owls and hawks. Mammals typically spotted around the park include mule deer, beaver, rabbit, prairie dogs, and the occasional coyote.

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