What bike races to do in 2022?

Seems like it’s been a long time since the State Championships in August. Hope everyone is staying fit as we prepare to stuff ourselves with candy and junk food over the next couple of months! We’re already nearing November and we’ve had several inquiries as to what we’re doing for next year, so best to get our crazy thought processes out in an email.
Even after a rocky 2020, this year proved to be somewhat similar with the uncertainties going into the spring. Hosting G3 on the same weekend as the Hundo would not have been part of the plan in a normal year but we just had to do it. Fangdango was huge, Mad Gravel was amazing for a first time event, G3 was epic as usual, the weeknight races were a mob scene (in a good way) and the State Championships was a great finale to the season. Sorry, no Rattler Cross this year!
For 2022, the schedule isn’t 100% final for various reasons, but we hope to know a lot more in the next month.


  1. In early May, we would like to host a “Kickoff 2022” mountain bike race somewhere in the front range.
  2. Over Memorial Day weekend we will be hosting the still unoffically named “Dirt Royale” at the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch in Elbert County, The current plan is to host a mountain bike race on Saturday, Mad Gravel race on Sunday, and a supported Mad Gravel ride on Monday. Perhaps we will throw a few other events mixed in as well.
  3. We are trying to figure out where a good fit for Fangdango would be in June.
  4. G3 is a tough one. It also is struggling to find a good weekend on the calendar. June doesn’t look good as we don’t want to overlap the Hundo or the first XC Winter Park race later in June.
  5. We have an idea for July, but for now let’s just leave it at that.
  6. Assuming Bear Creek (and maybe Castle Rock) will have us back, we’d like to stick to our roots and continue to host 3 Mid Week Melee’s over the summer.
Random thoughts:
  • – Maybe another gravel race in the fall?
  • – Repeat August State Champs?
  • – 3 week Tour De Colorado MTB race covering every epic XC trail in the state? Shouldn’t be hard to pull that off.
  • – Get back to racing myself?…bad idea
Please know we’re working hard to finalize and get answers to all of the above in the next month. So, what would you like to see? More stage races, gravel racing, cross racing, different venues, more beer? As always your feedback is appreciated and we do listen. Let us know your thoughts. Please stay posted to the website as we’ll start getting more info out there as well.
– DM