What is the HEMI Bike Race?

In 2019, at a gravel race in Kansas, Craig Henwood aka “HEMI”, lost his life.  The profound loss will forever be grieved by all who knew and loved him.  Craig was a fine man, son, husband, father, brother and friend, and a guy who made a difference in the cycling community.  He was a joyous, contagious, and passionate ambassador to the cycling world, and he was part of our family. Craig was the founder of 3 Feet Cycling and a huge advocate in bringing awareness to our sport and a message of safety for all.  The Hemi was Craig, and this race celebrates the shared love we all have for the great sport of cycling.  There is a “HEMI”, in all of us…that engine that drives us to train, compete, and experience a lifestyle that makes us proud and brings us abundant friendship and joy. 

We look forward to celebrating all things gravel in just 2 months – we invite you to bring your own Hemi overdrive on May 28th!  Join us to celebrate all that is great about riding a bike.