What is Mid Week Melee?

In 2015 we started these small grass roots mountain bike races. On day one, we really didn’t know if we would have 20 people show up. Little did we know how it would be accepted by the community. As we’ve grown, we’ve definitely seen the need to make changes.

Yes, this race series is newly named for a variety of reasons. As we added new events,, we wanted the name of these races to be separate from our overall Rattler brand. It needed its own identity to eliminate confusion from the parent company. Secondly, we wanted the name to reflect more of what the event actually is, a mid week MTB race! Makes explaining that particular product line of ours that much easier.

Mid Week Melee is indeed a mid week party that gets all of us together during a busy work week to focus on what really is important. It’s not just the racing, it’s connecting with our buddies for some good wholesome and friendly competition, enjoying food and drink, hanging out afterwards and celebrating what we all love to do. We’ve seen some crazy hot days, and some ridiculously rainy and windy days. But in the end, we all seem to have a great time with stories to tell. Think of us as the host of a dinner party.

Since that first year, the Mid Week Melee has grown to 300 riders in our 2019 season. Rattler Racing has grown to include USAC races, gravel, cross and stage racing. We know quite well what started us off though. Mid Week Melee is at our core. Our crew was formed because we are all mountain bikers and we all know what we want in a race. We love to host for you and we certainly won’t lose site of our roots. That’s our promise to you. See you on the trails!