G3 Stage 3 – Pre-Ride Cue Sheet


Are you a super detailed person looking for waaaay too much information? BOOM, we have you covered below. For those of you who just want to come and race, no worries, we’ll have the course fully marked so that all you have to do is crank. Don’t forget we’ve setup Plotaroute maps and coordinates for you to use. Use the links below to jump back to your race and scroll down to each stage to view the Plotaroute detail. Questions?

  • To Get to the Start: Drive or ride to the Rendezvous subdivision at Rendezvous Rd. and Hwy 40. Ride in on Rendezvous Rd. a little over 1/8 of a mile. The mileage will start where the nearest entrance to the church intersects Rendezvous Rd.  
  • Start up Rendezvous Rd. and turn left onto Pioneer Trail (paved) at mile .2.  
  • Climb Pioneer Trail to the singletrack entrance to Pumphouse Pass Trail adjacent to the small pumphouse at mile .6.  
  • Caution: this is a tight singletrack entrance next to the pumphouse foundation. Sort yourselves before entering.  
  • Turn right onto Pumphouse Pass Trail, continue riding and stay to the left at the righthand fork at mile .8.  
  • Pass a left-hand fork at mile .9 and continue straight to the exit of Pumphouse Pass Trail at Rendezvous Rd. at mile 1.0.  
  • Cross Rendezvous Rd., turn left and continue to Friendship Dr. at mile 1.1.  
  • Turn right onto Friendship Drive and continue forward to the start of Meadow Trail at mile 1.2.  
  • Turn left and cross Friendship onto Meadow Trail and continue forward crossing Friendship Dr. again at mile 1.3+.
  • Ride up Meadow Trail until it intersects with the Crosstrails on the right and Ditch Trail on the left at mile 1.6. Please note that this first section of Ditch Trail is labeled Homestead Trail on Plotaroute.  
  • Turn left onto Ditch Trail and stay on Ditch Trail to the intersection with South Fork Loop trail at mile 2.5 miles.  
  • Turn left onto South Fork Loop and ride past the faint spur on your left at mile 2.9, and past the entrance to Idlewild Trail on your right at mile 3.0 to the intersection with Burnout Loop trail at mile 3.1.  
  • Turn right to stay on South Fork Loop riding parallel to the creek until you reach the intersection of Twisted Ankle Trail at mile 3.7.  
  • Stay right again to stay on South Fork Loop, cross the creek to the entrance to Ditch Trail at mile 3.75.  
  • Turn left to stay on South Fork Loop to the intersection with Arrow Trail at mile 4.1.  
  • Turn right once again, to stay on South Fork Loop. Ride past the left-hand entrance to Whoops Trail at mile 4.1 and stay on South Fork Loop to the intersection with Winterwoods Trial at mile 4.5.  
  • Turn right onto Winterwoods Trail and ride to the intersection with Idlewild Trial at mile 4.9.  
  • Turn left onto Idlewild Trail, and continue a short distance to South Fork Loop at mile 4.9+.  
  • Turn left onto South Fork Loop and ride to the intersection of Crosstrails trail at mile 5.4.  
  • Turn left onto Crosstrails trail and start climbing. Stay on Crosstrails trail passing over Winterwoods Trail at mile 5.6 and Whoops Trail at mile 5.8.  
  • Continue climbing to the left-hand curve at mile 6.3.  
  • Turn left. At this point you will take the singletrack into slightly thicker forest. If you end up on a two track or open road, you missed the turn.  
  • Stay on Crosstrails till you reach the intersection with Arrow Trail at mile 6.7.  
  • Stay straight onto Arrow Trail singletrack. Do not descend Arrow Trail or turn onto the wider road track. Climb Arrow Trail to the intersection with Yankee Doodle at mile 7.2.  
  • Turn left onto Yankee Doodle. The singletrack will widen to width of a forest service road. Continue to the wide fork at mile 7.5.  
  • Stay left and ride to the intersection with Corona Pass and CH-81 (a.k.a. Aqueduct Rd.) at mile 7.6.  

NOTE: If you are in a later group will intersect with earlier racers returning up CH-81. Please follow the instructions of the marshals.  

  • Cross CH-81 and turn left.
  • Stay on the right side and descend to the entrance of the forest service road on the right side at mile 7.7. This is the access to Broken Thumb trail.  
  • Take the right-hand fork onto this forest service road and ride to the intersection with Broken Thumb trail at mile 8.6.  
  • Turn left onto Broken Thumb and descend to the intersection with CH-81 at mile 10.1. Do not take either of the spur trails on the right side at about mile 9.8.  
  • Cross over CH-81 and turn left onto CH-81.  
  • Climb CH-81. There is vehicle traffic on this road with blind corners and hills. Stay right and pass with care. At mile 12.0, you will be at the previous road crossing.  
  • Stay straight through the intersection area with the later racers. Yield per the marshal’s instructions.  
  • Bear slight right onto Corona Pass and descend to the intersection with Yankee Doodle at mile 12.9.  
  • Cross over Corona Pass and turn left onto the Yankee Doodle singletrack. Do not take the double track road to the right. Descend Yankee Doodle to where it intersects with Corona Pass again at mile 13.3.  
  • Cross over Corona Pass and continue your descent. You will pass over a narrow dirt road at mile 13.6.  
  • Stay on the Yankee Doodle singletrack where you will intersect with Serendipity Trail at mile 13.8.  
  • Turn right onto Serendipity Trail and immediately cross over another narrow dirt road. Descend Serendipity trail passing the entrance to Whoops Trail on the right at mile 14.3.  
  • Continuing on Serendipity Trail, you will also pass the entrance to Wintewoods Trail on the right at mile 14.4.   Ride on to the intersection with Meadow Trail.
  • Lap 1 is complete.  
  • G3 (90 Milers): Start Lap 2 from this point.  
  • Five-O and Finish: Descend Meadow Trail and then backtrack on the same route you started on, all the way back to the original entrance to Pumphouse Pass Trail, next to the pumphouse.  
  • Exit Pumphouse Pass Trail, cross over Pioneer Trail (paved) and turn left.  
  • Descend Pioneer Trail to where the left-hand switchback starts about 300 yards below. Look for the entrance to Chickadee Trail on the right side. This is just before where the guardrail begins.  
  • Slow down and use caution here. Exit to the right onto Chickadee Tail and make an immediate left turn onto the new neighborhood access trail.  
  • Do the switchbacks here and then enter the straight downhill community trail.  


  • At the bottom of the hill, veer right and cross over Rendezvous Rd. to the gravel path.  
  • Stay on the path heading to the bridge over the river.  
  • Cross the bridge and continue straight, parallel to the pond.  
  • Turn left at the corner of the pond and follow the light trail parallel to the pond and ride to the finish near the end of the pond.

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