G3 Stage 1 – Pre-Ride Cue Sheet


Are you a super detailed person looking for waaaay too much information? BOOM, we have you covered below. For those of you who just want to come and race, no worries, we’ll have the course fully marked so that all you have to do is crank. Don’t forget we’ve setup Plotaroute maps and coordinates for you to use. Use the links below to jump back to your race and scroll down to each stage to view the Plotaroute detail. Questions?

  • To Get to the Start: Ride on Vasquez Rd. 2.4 miles south from Cooper Creek Square in Downtown Winter Park to the intersection of the Blue Sky Trail and Tunnel Hill Rd. connector. This is the race start point. All subsequent mileage references will be given from this point.  
  • Start south on Vasquez Rd. and take the righthand fork onto Leland Creek Rd at mile .2.  
  • Climb Leland Creek Rd. and continue past the entrances to Ho Chi Min, Leap Frog, D4 and D3 to the junction (fork) with FS-894.1D at mile 1.6.  
  • Take the right turn (fork) onto FS-894.1D and then take the next righthand fork immediately afterward onto FS-892.  
  • Look for the entrance to WTB Middle on the right side of the road at mile 1.9.  
  • Take the entrance and stay on WTB to the junction of Akima’s Way trail at 3.9 miles.  
  • At this junction, the Five-O group will turn left onto Akima’s way and ride for a short distance to the left-hand turn into the start of Razzmatazz trail at mile 4.0. The G3 Long group will stay right and continue on WTB.  

G3-Long Continue (Five-O jump to next section):

  • Stay on WTB till you come to the start of D4 at mile 4.7.  
  • Take a sharp left turn onto D4 and continue to the intersection with D3 trail at mile 5.0.  
  • Stay right to continue on D4 and just after the turn onto D4, ignore one trail access on the left and one trail access on the right.  
  • Continue D4 to the intersection with D3 trail (also noted as Sunset Pink on some apps) at mile 5.6.  
  • Take the left, continuing on D3 trail to the intersection of Sunset Pink trail at mile 6.2. Ignore a secondary trail access on the left, about 50’ before this intersection.  
  • Turn right on Sunset Pink and ride to the intersection of Akima’s Way trail at mile 6.6.  
  • Turn left onto Akima’s Way and continue to the intersection at the start of Razzmazz trail. You will join the Five-O course here at mile 7.2.  

Both Courses Continue:

  • Descend Razzmatazz to the intersection with Sundog trail at mile 5.3/8.3 (Five-O and G3 Long mileages respectively).  
  • Turn right on Sundog trail and start the climb to the intersection with Sunset Pink at mile 6.2/9.2.  
  • Turn left onto Sunset Pink and continue to mile 6.5/9.5 where Sunset Pink intersects with Leap Frog trail (Leap Frog may also be called Take’D Leap on some apps, including Plotaroute). Caution: Watch out for downhill traffic here.  
  • Bear right and continue up Leap Frog trail, past the parking/trailhead on the left, up the switchback berms, past the intersection with the lower D4 access trail on the left at mile 7.3/10.3.  
  • Continue past that D4 access and also past the continuation of that access on the right side shortly afterward at mile 7.4/10.4.  
  • Keep climbing on Leap Frog trail and climb to the intersection with Take’D Leap trail (aka Blue Sky Connector) at mile 7.9/10.9.  
  • Take a hard right, staying on Leap Frog to the intersection of Ho Chi Min trail on your left at mile 8.1/11.1. Note: Ho Chi Min is a lesser used trail, so keep your eyes peeled.  
  • Climb Ho Chi Min to the exit onto Leland Creek Rd at mile 8.4/11.4. Lap-1 is done!  
  • Turn right onto Leland Creek and stay on Leland Creek to the intersection (fork) with FS- 894.1D at mile 9.3/12.3.
  • Bear right onto FS-894.1D again and continue to the fork onto FS-892 about 100 yards ahead. At this point the G3-Long racers will stay right and descend to the WTB entrance on their second lap (not included again in this description). The Five-O racers will bear left and start the long descent on FS-894.1D and D2.  
  • Stay right passing a private road on the left at mile 9.6/12.6.  
  • Descend FS-894.1D, to the intersection with FS894.2D on the right (aka. D2 trail) at mile 10.0/13.0. Do not enter.
  • Stay Left. The road now becomes D2.  
  • Continue descending to the entrance for Elk Meadow trail at mile 11.1/14.1.  
  • Pass through the opening in the log fence onto Elk Meadow trail and continue the intersection with Elk Creek Rd. at mile 12.0/15.0.  
  • Turn right onto Elk Creek Rd and continue to the entrance to Iko trail on your left at mile 12.2/15.2  

G3-Long racers will turn left onto Iko trail. Five-0 racers will continue straight on Elk Creek Rd. about 200 yards to the entrance of Chainsaw trail on the left.  

  • Five-O Continue on Chainsaw: racers climb Chainsaw trail to the intersection with Zoom trail at mile 13.1.  
  • Turn right, staying on Chainsaw to the intersection of Broken Spade trail where you will continue straight and join the G3-Long course again at mile 13.2.  
  • G3 Long Continue on Iko: Climb Iko to the intersection of Broken Spade trail and Zoom trail at mile 17.3.  
  • Cross Zoom trail onto Broken Spade trail and continue on Broken Spade to the intersection with Creekside trail where you will turn left and meet up with the Five-O course again at mile 13.2/18.5.  
  • Stay on Chainsaw trail to the intersection with Flume trail mile 15.0/20.3.  
  • Turn left onto Flume trail and continue to the intersection with Leland Creek Rd. at mile 17.1/22.4.  
  • Turn right on Leland Creek Rd., cross the creek, and look for the hidden entrance to Creekside Loop trail at mile 17.2/22.5. If you get to the trailhead parking lot on Leland Creek, you missed the turn.  
  • Turn right on Creekside Loop trail, ignore the trailhead access trail on your left at about 100 yards in and continue to the intersection (fork) with Creekside CG (West) trail at mile 18.3/23.6.  
  • Bear left on Creekside CG (West) and head to the Finish at approx. 19.0/24.3 miles.

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