Fangdango is almost here!

Fangdango is in one week! The BOERA crew and our crew have been up to the BOERA property in Bailey a few times over the last week to work on existing trails and adding a few new features. A year ago, we were shoveling snow from some of the treed sections of the course. This year, it’s dry as a bone. The recent snow from last week did a great job of packing down some of the work we’ve been doing. The course is good, very good. And we think you’ll like the changes.

Unlike last year, we won’t have a parade lap and all racers will be looking to get in the hole shot early on. However, there is much racing to do on this course so don’t think the race is over if you don’t get the optimum position at the start. There will be plenty of passing opportunities over the 5-ish mile lap.

The course will be the same for everyone with the exception of the 11-14 wave range in the morning. Those categories will bypass the Deer Creek section on the east side of the course. It’s roughly 1/3 mile section. All other racers will stick to the same course running in a clockwise fashion, if you could call it that. Once again, this is probably the best course for spectating. The start/finish area will be an excellent place to see racers multiple times. If you want to take a short walk, you could see the same racer 6-8 times in one lap! Bring the camera.

Fangdango is a USA Cycling sanctioned event. This is a great opportunity to qualify for Mountain Bike Nationals in July. See you on May 7!

– DM