Grand Gear Grind

We are moving the G3 and G3 Five-O to a biennial event, now taking place in 2023! Mark your calendars for the next event, slated tentatively for July of 2023!

The Grand Gear Grind is a mountain bike stage race covering the best single-track that Grand County Colorado has to offer. Expect 90 miles of pristine and challenging trails in Winter Park and Granby. You will be tested, you will be tired, you will be wondering why you signed up, you will cry, but mostly you will smile.  Looking for the 50 mile Grand Gear Grind Five-O? Click here! 

We are proud to be working with the US Forest Service, Rendezvous, Granby Ranch and many others to bring you this race. They are playing a huge role in making this event happen and we thank them for being involved!


What to Expect

Your entry fee earns you 3 amazing days of racing on world class mountain bike trails in the Winter Park valley, a highly sought after 3/4 sleeve race jersey from Voler (not included with G3 FIVE-O), tons of race swag, aid stations on course and at the finish stocked with food and drink from our sponsors, daily post-race beer, professional results, growing prize list and awards from our sponsors, experienced medical team and race support, custom podium mug (this thing is sweeeet!), racer banquet on Saturday night, and probably more than we can think of right now.

  • Medical support throughout the course
  • Professional Timing
  • Post Race party and awards
  • Plenty o’ food, drink and beer provided by our sponsors
  • Custom swag
  • Good times with your buddies

Terrain: Classic mix of long punishing climbs, fast and flowy descents, short punchy technical rock gardens and everything you’d expect in a XC endurance race. Winter Park and surrounding areas has it all.

Equipment: All bikes are legal for the race, with the exception of E-bikes. We can’t overstate the importance of your bike running in top condition on the day of the race. Like you, it will be challenged. And, it’s your friend. Help a friend out.

Course 411: The course will be marked at all critical intersections. It is the rider’s responsibility to study the course and have directional backup. Remember, we must adhere to all traffic rules. Always stay to the right of the center, especially on the fast descents. Weather can always be a factor in Colorado. Plan accordingly! We will have a medical team on course in various areas and roaming. As always 911 is your friend. Marshals will have radios as well. Good communication wins the day.

Spectating: There are many ways to view this event. Please consider routes that don’t interfere with riders as you make your way to a spectating spot. A map will be provided as we get closer to race day.

Lodging: For this 3-day event, there are a ton of lodging options in Granby Ranch, Fraser, and Winter Park.

  • The Viking Lodge is offering a discount of 20% for all participants staying more than 2 nights! Use code G3RACE2021 during checkout.
  • Winter Park Mountain Lodge welcomes the Grand Gear Grind to Town! Book your room with us and enjoy the following items Complimentary: Grab-N-Go Breakfast, WIFI, Self-Parking, and Bike Wash Station! Go to to reserve your room and have a place to relax after a day of racing.
  • Looking for a little more privacy? Granby, Fraser and Winter Park are good areas to grab a VRBO or AirBNB.

Number Plates: You will be issued a number plate for the entire race. If you damage it during the race, we will issue a new one. If you lose it, well…don’t.

Results: Posted on a daily basis and each subsequent day will have cumulative scoring. This is a stage race, winner has the fastest combined time.

Timing/Awards: Saturday we will have awards for the overall top spots for G3 and the G3 FIVE-O. Your final result is the TOTAL time elapsed over the 3 days of racing.

USAC: Each stage completed counts as one day toward qualification. You do NOT have to finish the entire stage race. You must have an annual USAC license to race. You can purchase at the race but way easier to do it in advance. Each day qualifies as one race day toward qualification for USAC. For more info on USAC qualifications, click here.

COVID: We will make every effort to make G3 a safe event. All stages allow for maximal distancing opportunities for spectating and moving about the area. We will have wave starts with separation in the staging area. We will defer to the State of Colorado Department of Health and Grand County health officials to ensure we are complying with all the current health guidelines.

Refund Policy: Full refund will be honored until April 30, minus any registration costs. Starting May 1, no refunds will be processed, but transfers or deferrals will be allowed up to the day of the race.

Other 411: While we would like to open this up to everyone, it is still a stage race with an overall GC result. The 2021 edition of G3 will not have the option for racers to sign up for an individual stage. However, racers do have the option to form a team over the 3 stages. Teams can be made up of 2 or 3 people and racers can then participate on individual days. If a DNF or DNS results in one of the days, other days can still be raced but there will be no overall GC result.


Valid through June 5, 2021


Valid through June 16, 2021


Valid through June 17, 2021

Looking for the Grand Gear Grind Five-O?
Click here


Single: One registration for a single rider.

Duo: Two racers will stay together for the duration of every stages. Time is calculated when the second rider crosses the finish line.

Team: A team can be made up of 2 or 3 riders. Each day will have a different rider. (This is a great option for those that want to only do one or two days of the event)

Race Rules

  • Rule 1: You will smile no matter the pain.
  • Rule 2: You must wear a helmet and have adequate eye protection.
  • Rule 3: If you do not complete a stage, it will be a DNF for the entire stage race, but you can still participate in subsequent stages. You must let racer staff know of the situation.
  • Rule 4: This is a self-supported race. You can’t ride with a buddy, unless that buddy is part of your DUO team.
  • Rule 5: No pedal assist bicycles. If you want to ride a unicycle over 90 miles, no problem. Yes, you can change bikes from one day to the next.
  • Rule 6: Be nice to the land, it never did anything to you.
    6B: Stick to the trail. Course cutting could be as simple as creating a new line on a switchback. Please don’t do it.
  • Rule 7: No headphones. Sing to yourself.
  • Rule 8: If you don’t thank a volunteer, you will be publicly shamed.
  • Rule 9: This is mountain biking. Please, please, please be considerate of other racers whether you are in front being a superhero, or in back getting ready to vomit. We all know this, but the occasional reminder never hurts.
  • Rule 10: On all gravel and road sections, do not cross center line. This could result in disqualification. Please follow all the rules of the road. The race course is open to traffic!

Packet Pickup

6:30-8:30 PM Wednesday, June 16 – Hideaway Park, downtown Winter Park
7:00AM Thursday, June 17 – Stage 1 Start

Hydration Locations

We’ve put together a series of maps so that you can identify the exact location of the hydration points on each loop[ for each stage.  Questions?

Stage 1 - Loop 1

Stage 1 - Loop 2

Stage 2 - Loop 1&2

Stage 2 - Loop 3

Stage 3 - Loop 1

Stage 3 - Loop 2

Race Schedule

*Subject to last minute changes based on field sizes

Stage 1 – Schedule:

Held on the Fraser River Trail System, Stage 1 gives you 32 miles right out of the gate! You’ll enjoy world class trails where some of the best over the years have raced. This trail system is adjacent to the MTB Nationals course only 2 weeks later. Click map for detail and GPX file.

9:00 – PRO Men/SS Men
9:02 – Men: 19-29, 30-39
9:04 – Men: 40-49
9:06 – Men: 50-59, 60+, 18 Under, Clydesdale
9:08 – Team and DUO categories
9:10 – ALL Women

Stage 2 – Schedule:

28 mile XC course utilizing just about everything Granby Ranch has to offer. Much of this course will also include the terrain at USA mountain bike nationals in 2010, plus some. 3 Loops. Loops 1 and 3 will be on Lone Eagle but will run opposite directions. Loop 2 will be the big mountain loop with a bomber descent on the Fraser Canyon Trail.

8:30 – PRO Men/SS Men
8:32 – Men: 19-29, 30-39, 40-49
8:34 – Men: 50-59, 60+, 18 Under, Clydesdale, Team & DUO
8:38 – ALL Women

Stage 3 – Schedule:

Held in the Rendezvous and Ski Idlewild area on the east side of Winter Park. Course will be 2 laps with a 1 mile paved road climb to the single-track and approximately 2 mile single-track section to the finish line. The 2 laps will vary slightly. Lap 2 will be a little shorter and racers will NOT do Broken Thumb. Marshals will direct you to descend immediately down Yankee Doodle from Arrow.

9:00 – PRO Men/SS Men
9:02 – Men: 19-29, 30-39, 40-49
9:06 – Men: 50-59, 60+, 18 Under, Clydesdale, Team & DUO
9:08 – ALL Women

See 2021 courses below
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G3 Stage 1 - Overview Map
G3 Stage 3 - Preride Cue Sheet